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Book Clubbing

Friday, April 11th, 2008

Unshelved is an amusing webcomic detailing the trials and travails of a group of librarians at the Mallville Public Library. Anyone who’s ever worked in a library will sympathize with the scores of irrational library patrons, and for the rest of us who haven’t… well, maybe we’ll think twice next time we’re at a library.

Like many traditional newspaper strips, Unshelved runs black-and-white serial strips Monday-Saturday, and Sundays are reserved for a full-color standalone strip. Except of simply presenting an expanded gag, though, Unshelved does what they call the “Unshelved Book Club,” where the characters will discuss a book that the creators have chosen to spotlight.

Sometimes it’s just Dewey (the main character) selling a particular book to library patrons, or to his co-workers, while at other times it’s incorporated directly into the story.

The Book Club strips have even been posted in libraries and bookstores, hopefully to encourage customers to check out the book featured. It’s a good selection of books, and the comic format is a novel way to get people interested. Check out the list of titles on their site.

(A strip talking about the Owly books, which often use pictures and symbols in lieu of words for the dialogue.)