The Lives of Cartoonists

One of the features of the new, improved The Comics Journal website is the “A Cartoonist’s Diary” series of columns, where an artist is asked to create five entries, each one portraying a day in the life of. They’re given pretty free range of what to talk about and what format to present it in, so Vanessa Davis (of Make Me a Woman and Spaniel Rage) used this opportunity to talk about things like workout videos and recipes you can make with lemons, while Brandon Graham (of King City and Multiple Warheads) took a more mixed media approach, posting lots of original drawings and other art along with his photos and text.

For the third iteration of the diary Pascal Girard took the reins, going whole hog with the comic content and using his drawings to chronicle an event we’ve mentioned quite a bit around these parts: MoCCA Fest. In part one he spoke about the “magical sexual powers” of Brecht Evens (you can read a little more about him and the incident with the cops over at The Beat or on the D&Q blog), and part three was more of a general wrap-up of the show before he moved on to other matters.

I think the best part of these diaries is how they’re so down-to-earth. Cartoonists are people—and comics fans—too.

We've all had moments like this.

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