About Nonfiction Comics

About the Site

We’re big fans of comics as entertainment, but we’re also fascinated by the ability of the comics medium to do so much more. They can be biographies, historical accounts, news reports, artistic criticisms, and how-to manuals; they can educate, enlighten, and instruct. This blog is intended to unearth those “comics with a higher purpose,” to organize and showcase them for those interested in all the wonderful things comics can do.

About the Writers

  • Kris Naudus is a professional editor and writer. She’s written ten video game strategy guides and edited Harvey Award-nominated comics; she currently works as an editor at Engadget.¬†She likes modern/urban fantasy comics and superheroes in various media; she also reads a ridiculous amount of crap and likes it.
  • Ian Levenstein is the co-host of the Comic Timing podcast and an editorial monkey-for-hire. He reads a lot of superhero comics, but also a lot of indie stuff. He also spent several years reading¬†The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay. Kris thinks he should read The Yiddish Policeman’s Union next.