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Grammar Isn’t Just a Word

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Learning a language is about more than just learning what words mean what; it’s also about learning how those words work together. This is the essence of grammar, a subject that even native speakers have trouble grasping at times. Jack Krumb, a teacher of English in Scotland has started working on his own “guide to grammar,” posting it one page at a time online.

The comic is taking a very nuts-and-bolts approach to the subject, and he only started last month, so we haven’t gotten past the concept of nouns. Even so, each page is chock-full of information: a definition of morphology, concrete and abstract nouns, and count and mass nouns. For so few pages, it feels like a lot of ground has been covered, without any sense of rushing through each topic. He’s also introducing a supporting cast which includes his son, daughter, and a cute cat.

Though the art isn’t the most polished, to focus on it would be missing the point, as it gets the job done. This project looks promising, and I’ve learned so much already. Hopefully he’ll see it through to the end.

(via Comics Worth Reading)

It Would Be Ironic If This Post Contained Bad Grammar

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Good grammar is a rare and delicate creature on the Internet—hard to find, misunderstood, and readily dismissed by the masses. And should you actually dare to correct someone’s terrible spelling or punctuation, you may end up the one under attack, called “elitist” and in extreme cases, a “grammar nazi.”

You’re far from alone. Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal is sick of all the bad grammar out there as well, and he’s found a way to address this pressing issue in a light and informative manner, using comics.

He illustrates when to use i.e. in a sentence, the three common uses of ironyten words you need to stop misspelling, and how to use an apostrophe; this phrase exists merely to demonstrate the proper use of semicolons.

Once you’ve mastered the basics of grammar, The Oatmeal offers a few other informative cartoons for your perusal:

The site is a perfect example of using humor to educate—though, I would think twice before taking his word on why bacon is better than true love.